Passport Service

Skanda Travels provides Indian Passport Application and OCI Application services to Indians living in The Netherlands. We will be the agent between you and the VFS (VFS is the official agency contracted by the Indian Embassy for these services).

Key Features

  • Newborn child passport application can be done fully via email + courier
  • We will fill the forms for you. You only sign in the forms as needed.
  • Easy photo options at nominal costs (do it yourself at home possibility)
  • You don’t visit VFS office. We submit on your behalf.
  • Handover your application to us in Eindhoven or Utrecht
  • We take responsibility for successful submission at VFS. We will not charge you extra in case of accidental errors/process changes requiring repeat visit to VFS – so we strive to keep it error free and efficient for you and for us!
  • For Passport Services, we have 2 modes:
    • Application Preparation + Submission to VFS: We will submit your application to VFS.
    • Application Preparation Only: We prepare the application for you and you go to VFS office and submit yourself. We also give detailed instructions of what you need to carry with you. This way you can be sure the application will be accepted at the first attempt.

Request Form


  1. Fill the form below.
  2. In 10 minutes you will receive an email requesting additional information needed from you.
  3. Once you respond, we will send you the filled in applications for signatures and next relevant instructions towards submission to VFS.

Note: Our next submission at VFS: 12-October

Service Request Form

Applicant Name :



I would like to avail your service in relation to:

Indian PassportOCI Application

Passport Renewal: adult (aged 15yrs+)Passport Renewal: minor (upto 14.9yrs)Newborn PassportDamaged Passport

We have 2 possibilities. Please select:
Application Preparation onlyApplication Preparation + submission to VFS

Indian Passport RenunciationNew OCIOCI Renewal

Skanda Travels charges:

VFS charges additional:

Costs & Terms

  • Terms and conditions:
    1. For preparation of your application, we will request for additional information from you separately (only as needed to fill the application).
    2. The data you share with us will be used for preparation of your application on the relevant Government of India website and then submitted to VFS only. Please refer VFS website for further details after submission.
    3. Responsibility of Skanda Travels ends after successful submission at VFS. VFS is responsible from there on.
    4. In case of difference in VFS fees in actual Vs the table below, the actual fees will be used for calculation.
  • Costs:
Our Charges
.Service… VFS charges Application Preparation only Application Preparation + Submission Your Total Cost
New Born (new passport + birth registration) € 94.02 + €25 (courier) € 15 € 70 € 189.02
Renewal (Minor) € 60.51 + €25 (courier) € 15 € 70 € 155.51
Renewal (Adult) € 80.51 + €25 (courier) € 15 € 70 € 175.51
Renunciation € 100.51 + €25 (courier) € 15 € 70 € 195.51
VFS charges are published here:

For each additional passport/OCI from the same family at the same time, our charge is 50% (35€ instead of 70€).



  1. Should the applicant travel to VFS office? Ans: No. Our personnel will submit the application on your behalf at VFS. Note that there is a small possibility that the Indian Embassy might ask you to come to the Embassy for any clarification they might need. This is out of our control and can happen if you were submitting the application yourself.
  2. What is covered as part of Skanda Travels charges?: Ans – Our charges include filling the application forms, travel to VFS office, waiting in line for submission and once successfully submitted, providing you tracking number for further progress tracking by yourself.
  3. How soon do you submit? Ans: We submit once a week – every Wednesday or Thursday. However since June-2020, due to Corona, submission is on appointment basis only which takes about 2 to 3 weeks
  4. How much time does the process take? Ans: We cannot influence the time taken by VFS. Typically VFS takes
    • Passport applications – 4 to 6 weeks
    • Renunication – 2 weeks
    • OCI – 10 weeks
  5. What are the collection points?: Ans – By appointment at: Eindhoven Centrum, Zandkever 2 Eindhoven, Utrecht Centraal (train station), Zandkever 2 Eindhoven.
  6. Where can I check the VFS charges for the service I want?: Ans –
  7. I have already submitted the application. Can you collect the passport for me? Ans – No.