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My name is Madhu Kumar Akkadka. My family and I came to The Netherlands from India in 2009. Madhu Even before I landed in Netherlands, I have always thought that we will go back to India in “2 years”……few years on, I still say the same words! Probably due to this “r2i” (return to India) urge, I and family have traveled quite a lot across Europe and also captured quite a few on my travelogue: http://sightseeingineurope.2migrate.com.

Helping out one of my newly arrived colleagues made me write all my experiences in Netherlands in my blog http://indiansinnetherlands.com in 2011.

The combination of Indian crowd expanding and my own travel experiences gave me a thought that it might help a few if I can plan trips making it accessible to the larger mass in the travel space. Thats how Skanda Travels was born in early 2014! 

In 2017 we also added Dusseldorf, Frankfurt pickup and in 2018 we plan to add Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg. Hopefully we will be well received in Germany too.

If you have suggestions, please contribute your feedback – it will help a wider mass of people!

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nithin Ghosh

    Very great initiative. Please let us know of any future trips. We will be visiting your site anyways. Unfortunately, I completed Swiss , Dolfinarium, Paris etc. Let see what will you arrange in future

    1. Madhu Post author

      Thanks Nitin. I have added you to my distribution list!

  2. Hrishi

    Wonderful initiative Madhu. Now more people can get benefitted by your special skills of making cost effective tours of best of the sites.

  3. Sindhu

    Great initiative. Definitely will be visiting your site for planning future trips.

    Best Luck!

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