Upcoming Trips:

2021 – Schedule Overview

Updated Tour details and bookings open by 24-June.

Swiss + Black Forest

Thanks to Bollywood and all our Indian woods, we love Swiss scenes and want to go there at least once! ...
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Paris + Brussels

A weekend tour to Paris (Sat: Paris, Sun: Brussels)! We leave previous evening, check-in late night and after a good rest ...
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If you have admired the post card scenery pictures, there is a good chance it is from the Tirol region ...
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Luxembourg : weekend trip

A trip to Luxembourg the 3rd smallest country of Europe maximum 82 kms x 57 kms! Luxembourg city is the ...
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Cologne, Trier, Mossel Valley

A weekend tour that covers visits to West Germany towns of Cologne, Koblenze and Trier. The Cathedral of Cologne is ...
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Barcelona + Costa Brava – (Christmas)

A trip to Barcelona during the Christmas holidays. When it is shivering cold in most parts of Europe in this ...
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