A trip to Luxembourg the 3rd smallest country of Europe maximum 82 kms x 57 kms! Luxembourg city is the capital of this tiny country of Luxembourg. It is located on a cliff, overlooking the deep and narrow valleys of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. Parts of the town are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also visit Vianden castle – one among the best in Europe. Enroute, we also visit the caves of Remouchamps – a cave highlighting one of the unique creations of nature.


Package: Transport and sightseeing + entry to Vianden castle + entry to Remouchamps cave + accommodation with breakfast + tour leader
Additional options: Indian food
Mode of transport: Luxury bus with pushback seats.
Tour Start/End:  :
…..Entry fees on Day 2 (castle and cave) is included in the price (together worth 26€ per adult).
…..On board the bus: Indian movie(s)

Plan / Itinerary:

  • Day 1, ( ):
    • 6:30 – Hague (pickup) 
    • 7:10 – Schiphol (pickup) (near route 300 citybus stop)
    • 7:20 – Amstelveen (pickup) (outside cobra museum)
    • 7:45 – Breukelen train station (pickup) (for Utrecht, Rotterdam folks)
    • 8:55 – Eindhoven (pickup, passport will be checked before boarding) (near Flixbus stop)
    • 10:30 – Maastricht (pickup)
    • Drive to Luxembourg city – estimated arrival is 14:30. We cover the MUDAM area and the touristic, pedestrian friendly city center. After dinner go to hotel. Overnight stay will be at Hotel IBIS or similar. Indian dinner is possible at the city at your own cost.
    • Additional options: Indian breakfast, Indian lunch.
  • Day 2, ( ):
    • 9:15 – depart to Vianden castle, one of the best known castles in Europe. After lunch proceed to the les Grottes de Remouchamps in Belgium. This is a stalagmite cave, one of the unique creations of nature. You walk into the cave, take some stairs inside and return by boat to the starting point.
    • 18:30 – arrival Maastricht
    • 20:00 – arrival Eindhoven station.
    • 21:00 – arrival Breukelen train station
    • 21:30 – arrival Amstelveen station.
    • 22:00 – Schiphol
    • 22:45 – Hague
    • Additional options: Indian dinner. Lunch will be at your own cost at a village near Vianden castle.

Cost & Terms

Pricing based on 2 adults occupancy per room (includes entry to castle and cave)*:

….For each… till 14-Jun from 15-Jun
Adult (12yrs+)1 € 175 € 185
Next generation (6yrs to 11.9yrs)2 € 145 € 145
Kids (3 to 5.9yrs)2 3 € 115 € 115
Infants (0 to 2.9yrs)2 3 € 75 € 75
1 – max 1 child per adult at child fare (additional children can pay adult fare and join in)
2 – Rate when accompanied by an adult
3 – when using existing bedding in a double/twin room
*If travelling alone, FAQ.

Additional options:

Day 1: Indian breakfast (8€), lunch (13€)

Day 2: Indian dinner (13€)

Booking Procedure:

  • Step 1 – book the base package (transport + sightseeing + accommodation with breakfast).
  • Step 2 – 5 days before the tour, we will coordinate with you for the additional options and also send detailed pickup point information
  • Important – Make sure each travelers’ passport is valid at least till end of this tour and so also Residence Permit (where applicable). Passport is mandatory to carry. Netherlands Residence Permit is not a valid travel document outside Netherlands.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The pricing does not include the lunch, dinner etc. It covers for only what is mentioned in the package.
  2. The rates are based on 2 persons (+ their kids) per hotel room basis. If you want single rooms or wish more than 2 occupancy, please contact
  3. Cancellation (cut off time is midnight CET):
    • Till 4 weeks before departure: free cancellation
    • Till 2 weeks before departure: 50% of the cost will be refunded
    • From 1 week before travel start date: 50€ per passenger (25€ per infant) will be refunded.
    • If Skanda Travels cancels the tour due to COVID rules etc, we will make a full refund within 2 days of announcement of cancellation.
  4. Seat confirmation is subject to availability of seats. Confirmation will normally be done within 24 hrs. If not done in 24 hours, please send an email to
  5. When you are a group of 3, all 3 seats may not be possible in the same row.
  6. While it is not mandatory, it is suggested to have your own travel insurance
  7. In case the minimum numbers needed for this tour is not met, the tour will be postponed to a later date. If the new date does not suit you, you can opt for full refund.
  8. Names and date of birth of all passengers will need to be shared with Skanda Travels.

COVID rules

  • At the moment there are no restrictions
  • Any further updates to COVID rules will be updated here and also communicated separately by email to all persons who have already booked the tour.



  1. What are the additional costs I can expect?
    • Ans: Lunch, dinner – about 13euros each; entry to casemates in Luxembourg – 6€ each.
  2. I’m coming alone. Will I have to share my hotel room with another person?
    • Ans: You have an option either ways. If you do not want to share you need to mention upfront in the email and it will cost €40 extra. Sharing a room with an unknown even though within the tour group is at your own risk
  3. I’m alone. I don’t mind a same gender roommate, but not otherwise.
    • Ans: Pls mention this in your email and we will make sure you are either alone or with same gender roommate. You need not pay the extra €40.
  4. Can I bring a stroller for my baby?
    • Ans: Yes. Please consider a small buggy because the bigger ones are difficult to manage during a tour.
  5. We are a group of 3 friends. Is it possible that we share the same room with an extra bed in the room?
    • Ans: This is subject to availability. Mention this in your email to so that arrangements can be made. Please note that the extra bed may not be comfortable for an adult and so this arrangement is not recommended by Skanda Travels.
  6. What are the departure points?
    • Ans: will be shared in pictures before the trip – usually near the station
  7. Is this only Indian group?
    • Ans: While formally there is no restriction, our groups are usually all Indian. Previous trips have almost always had only Indians in the full bus – a mix group of singles, couples, families and elder parents!!
  8. Can I bring along a non-Indian?
    • Ans: You may, but please do set their expectation that the crowd is primarily Indian – the languages, movies, chit chatting could all be in a different language than they can understand!
  9. Do you have some pictures of the tour?
    • Ans: Yes. Please see below.


Step 1: Fill the form below and click ‘Send (to button.

Step 2: Within couple of minutes you will get seats availability/unavailability email. Transfer the amount to the account of Skanda Travels B.V – IBAN number: NL23 ABNA 0572 7560 46 (ABN AMRO), BIC – ABNANL2A to confirm your booking (if seats are unavailable at the moment, we will check back with you if availability comes up).

Step 3: After payment, send a mail to Your seat is now reserved.


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