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    ¤ Day 1, 06-Jul-2024:
    --: 06.25 Hague (pickup)
    --: 07.00 Schiphol (pickup)
    --: 07.20 Amstelveen (pickup)
    --: 07.40 Breukelen (pickup)
    --: 08.50 Eindhoven (pickup)
    --: 09.00 Do you want to order for packed breakfast @ 10€
    --: 11.30 Would you like to visit Mini Europe 11yrs+: Child (> 1.14mts)
    --: 13.00 We stop for lunch. Want to order packed veg lunch @ 14€
    --: 14.30 We reach Brussels city and visit Grand Place and Manneken pis.
    --: 16.45 We drive towards Paris
    --: 19.30 We stop for dinner. Want to order packed veg lunch @ 18€
    --: 22.00 Arrive at the hotel for check-in
    ¤ Day 2, 07-Jul-2024:
    Note: Time and order mentioned is indicative. Actual may vary depending on sunset time.
    --:07.45 Breakfast at the hotel
    --:09.15 departure from hotel
    --:Morning: Visit Eiffel tower from outside (far view), drive past major land marks of Paris, visit Louvre (30 min break)
    --: 12:00 If you wish to visit Louvre museum, purchase your own tickets online for this time. You will need to manage lunch at Louvre. You can rejoin the group taking a taxi to Eiffel tower (about 15€). Note that the museum is usually very crowded and you will probably just manage to visit Mona Lisa.
    --: 14:00 Lunch break at Indian street
    --: 15:30 Depending on traffic drive thru few more points.
    --: 17.15 Go up the Eiffel Tower. To go up, all have to stand in the line at the base of the tower. Going up, there are 2 levels: Middle and Summit (Top). All go upto Middle level. To go to the Summit, you have to stand in the elevator line again at Middle level (no direct elevator from base to summit). Please choose what you need (Note: In case of too much crowd, they will close the tickets to go to the Top level. Then the excess you paid will be refunded):
    --> Note: At Eiffel tower, it is a bit cheaper to buy the tickets yourself. If you are aged between 12yrs and 24yrs, and have an ID (passport or RP) to prove the age, then it is significantly cheaper to buy yourself. If you still want us to buy your tickets, please select below.
    ----: Middle + Summit (Top) Adult: Child (4y to 12y):
    ----: 'Middle level only' Adult: Child (4y to 12y):
    --:20.15 Dinner break. Do you want to opt for Indian packed dinner @15€ Count:
    --: 21.00 Want to go for 1hr cruise on river Siene Adult: Child:
    --: 22.15 Drive thru Paris city by night and drive to hotel
    --: 23.00 Arrive back to the hotel
    Total cost of your order:

    ¤ Day 3, 08-Jul-2024:
    --: 08.30 Breakfast at the hotel and then checkout
    --: 10.00 Checkout from hotel after breakfast and drive to Disneyland

    Note1: Disney has 2 parks: 'Amusement park' and 'Studios' (Amusement park is the most visited and recommended by Skanda Travels). The price quoted is only for any one park. If you wish to visit both parks, kindly buy your tickets online yourself.
    Note2: If you are a family of 4 or more persons, you can buy your own tickets at: https://tickets.disneylandparis.com/nl-nl/tickets. This is the cheapest possibility.
    Note3: Download Disney Paris App on your phone. It will be helpful inside the park.

    --: 11.00 Want us to buy tickets for 1 Disney park? Adult: Child:
    --: 11:00 Do you want to buy packed veg biryani for lunch :
    --: Inside Disney there are non-Indian restaurants where dinner (and lunch) can be done at your own cost. There is no Indian restaurant inside Disney. Tour leader will brief you the options.

    --:23.15 End of day at Disney (after last show): Start towards Netherlands

    ¤ Day 4, 09-Jul-2024:
    --: 06.00 Eindhoven
    --: 07.10 Breukelen
    --: 07.30 Amstelveen
    --: 08.00 Schiphol
    --: 08.30 Hague

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    1. This form has the optional sightseeing points entry costs and the food arrangements. For the points you pay, Skanda Travels tour leader will make advance reservation and buy the tickets for you at these places. Except where specified, you do not have to stand in the ticket line.
    2. Please enter the quantity you need for your family and submit the form.
    3. Please transfer the amount to the account of Skanda Travels B.V, IBAN – NL79ABNA0128326646; BIC – ABNANL2A
    4. Except food and Disneyland requests, if for some reason you decide not to take up an activity at the spot, the unused amount will be refunded within 2 days after completion of the tour. Make sure the tour leader has noted your withdrawal correctly and you have notified before purchasing the ticket
    5. If you are not interested in visiting Disney, you can put your luggage in the bus in the morning and plan your own day in Paris. To catch our bus in the night, you can take a direct train from Paris and come to Disneyland train station. The tour leader will provide further details in the bus. You have time till 11.30AM to checkout of the hotel in this case.