Plan + Options: Swiss + Blackforest Tour

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    . It is mandatory to provide every passenger's full name, passport number and date of birth to the hotels where we stay in Switzerland.

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    . At some souvenir/chocolate shops in Switzerland that we suggest during the tour, billing is done on your name. Billing is much Faster when we give it to them upfront. We will do this if you provide your consent: Okay to share my name with known shopsNo

    The bus is a doubledecker. Do you have difficulty climbing steps (5 steps to upperdeck)? If you have difficulty climbing then we will try to allocate lower deck.

    Day 1, 28-Sep-2023:

    --: For pickup point photos/address, click here: Pickpoints details
    --: 06.00 Hague (pickup @ DenHaag Centraal, bus station)
    --: 06.35 Schiphol (pickup near route 300 busstop)
    --: 06.55 Amstelveen (pickup @ Keizer Karelweg 229 (outside Cobra museum))
    --: 07.20 Breukelen (pickup @ train station wind mill side)
    --: 08.30 Eindhoven (pickup @ Vincent van den Heuvelaan, (opposite Flixbus stop))
    --: 09.00 Would you like to have breakfast in the bus @ 9€
    --: 10.15 Dusseldorf/Neuss (pickup, Rastplatz Neuss Morgensternsheide West)
    --: 13.00 We stop for lunch. Would you like to order for packed veg lunch @ 13€
    --: 14.30 Frankfurt Airport (pickup; P36 fernbussen stop)
    --: 17.00 We drive thru Blackforest and make a 1hr stop.
    --: 19.30 Would you like to order for packed veg dinner @ 14€
    --: 21.00 Check-in to the hotel

    Total cost of your order:

    Day 2, 29-Sep-2023:

    --:07.45 Breakfast at the hotel

    --:08.55 Checkout and departure to Switzerland. First visit point in Swiss is Rhinefalls.
    --:11.00 Want to take ferry ride at Rhinefalls : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y)
    --:12.30 We arrive in Zurich for lunch at your own expenses
    --:13.45 Short Zurich city tour by bus
    --:15.00 Want to take train+cable car ride to Mt Stanserhorn : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y)
    --:19.30 We come to Lucerne for dinner
    --:19.45 Want to have Indian buffet dinner : Adult ; Child (6y to 12y)
    --:21.30 We arrive at the hotel for 2 nights stay here.

    Total cost of your order:

    Day 3, 30-Sep-2023:

    --:07.45 Breakfast at the hotel

    --:08.55 Get into the bus and drive towards Interlaken.
    --:10.15 Want to go to Aaregorge : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y)
    --:12:00 We go on a valley+mountain drive to Grindelwald

    --:If you are going to Mt Jungfrau (see details in the Instructions tab):
    --:Want to book Jungfrau tickets? : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y)
    --:Want to buy packed veg falafel to eat on the way to Jungfrau?

    If you are not going to Jungfrau, the below options are possible for the afternoon. If you are not sure, you can join the below activities on the spot (except paragliding which needs advance reservation) by paying cash to the tour-leader.
    --:13.55 Want to have Indian veg buffet lunch? : Adult ; Child (6y to 12y)
    --:14.15 Want to do paragliding (max weight: 90Kg)? Details: http://alpinair-paragliding-interlaken.com : Adult
    --:16.00 Want to take a boat ride on Interlaken lake? : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y)

    --:18.00 People who went to Jungfrau will join back the group at Grindelwald Terminal
    --:18.40 Departure to Luzern for dinner
    --:20.15 Do you want to have Indian buffet dinner : Adult ; Child (6y to 12y)
    --:21.30 We arrive at the hotel. End of Day.

    Total cost of your order:

    Day 4, 01-Oct-2023:

    --:07.45 Breakfast at the hotel
    --:09.00 Checkout from the hotel and go to Engelberg. At Engelberg there is possibility to take cable car to Mt Titlis. Mt Titlis is one of the peaks in the Alps mountain range about 3000mts above sea level. You can expect snow all year. Going up is at about 10.45 and back to bus is 15.45.
    Please select your choice:
    --: Cable car to Mt Titlis + Indian buffet lunch : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y)
    --: Cable car only to Mt Titlis : Adult ; Child (6y to 15y) .
    --:16.00 Departure to Lucerne town
    --:17.10 We visit Lucerne town
    --:18.15 Departure to Germany/Netherlands
    --:20.15 Do you want to order Indian packed dinner :

    Day 5, 02-Oct-2023:

    --: 00.10 - arrival Frankfurt airport
    --: 04.00 - arrival Dusseldorf
    --: 05.30 - arrival Eindhoven
    --: 07.00 - arrival Breukelen
    --: 07.30 - arrival Amstelveen
    --: 07.50 - arrival Schiphol
    --: 08.30 - arrival Hague

    Total cost of your order:

    Total cost of your order:

    Payment Options:

    iDealBank Transfer


    1. This form has the optional sightseeing points entry costs and the food arrangements. For the points you pay, Skanda Travels tour leader will make advance reservation and buy the tickets for you at these places. Except where specified, you do not have to stand in the ticket line.
    2. Please enter the quantity you need for your family and submit the form.
    3. Please transfer the amount to the account of Skanda Travels B.V, IBAN – NL23 ABNA 0572 7560 46; BIC – ABNANL2A
    4. Except food requests, if for some reason you decide not to take up an activity at the spot, the unused amount will be refunded within 2 days after completion of the tour. Make sure the tour leader has noted your withdrawal correctly and you have notified before purchasing the ticket
    5. Kids below certain age can often eat for free when their parents eat buffet at the restaurants. But since number of seats provided is only for paid members, it might be required to manage the unpaid child on parents lap. When you need a seat for your child, you can pay the price for older children and join in.
    6. Jungfrau: Jungfrau is Europe’s highest point by train. The cablecar+train ride takes you to 4000mts above sea level. An amazing engineering and breath taking scenary on the way. Once you reach the top there are 9 attraction points (well marked), food options (also Indian), chocolate, watch shops.
        • Plan: Our bus will drop you at Grindelwald Terminal station. Upon arrival here, our tour manager will hand over the tickets to you and take you to the cable car start point. The manager will not accompany you any further. You take the cable car, change to train after sometime (this is a very easy step) and reach the top – Jungfraujoch. After spending 2.0hrs (usually we manage to get 2.5hrs) at Jungfrau, take the return train that starts at 16:15 from Jungfraujoch towards Grindelwald Terminal. You will catch our tour bus at 17.30 at Grindelwald Terminal.
        • Cost: When you book online at https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html, you can purchase for about 200€ per adult or you could buy from us at 185€. (Note: by default, the website chooses ‘Half rate card’. You need to change it to ‘no discount’ option). Advance reservation is a must. It is usually not possible to add on the spot. Cancellation is possible until 10.00am same day.


    7. Note: In case you miss the return train and get delayed in arrival back to Grindelwald (the evening pickup point), you may have to manage your own transport back to hotel.
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      • Further instructions: Tour leader will give further instructions on board the bus
      • Skanda Travels opinion: This is a Must Go place when the weather is good!!