Pickup points

In_Pictures Address / Google Maps Remarks
Amstelveen pictures.pdf Kaizer Karelweg, 225, Amstelveen 1181 RC, (also called Sandbergplein 1, 1181 XC )  In front of COBRA Museum
Breukelen pictures.pdf Kiss and Ride, Breukelen (near Stationsweg 103, 3621 LK Breukelen ) Near to: Utrecht, Rotterdam, Hilversum, Amersfoort
Landmark: A Windmill very closeby
Den Haag pictures.pdf Prins Bernhardviaduct, 2595TZ  Behind city bus platform; same as Flixbus stop.
Eindhoven.pdf  Vincent van den Heuvellaan, Eindhoven Near to: Den Bosch, Breda, Tilburg, Nijmegen, Maastricht.
Landmark: Opp Flixbus stop. 50mts from yellow bowling pins.
This is just a 100mts long street. So no building number
Schiphol pictures.pdf Near city bus route 300, busstop, platform B3 to B12 bus will stop between B3 and B12 where there is space.
Cars are not allowed (choose Amstelveen if you are dropping someone).
Dusseldorf pickup Rastplatz Neuss Morgensternsheide West The only way to get here is by a private vehicle (car/taxi). It is not possible to arrive here by public transport or by walk.
Dropoff: Dusseldorf pictures.pdf Worringerstrasse, 100, 40210, Dusseldorf Also Flixbus stop
Frankfurt Airport.pdf Also Flixbus stop
Berlin Berlin, Europaplatz 1 – Berlin Hbf
Nuremberg Käte-Strobel-Straße
90402 Nuremberg-Mitte
Also Flixbus stop
Munich: Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 21 Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 21, 80939 München Also Flixbus stop. Note: There are multiple FlixBus stops in Munich. This is near Frottmaning
Zurich pickup Ausstellungsstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich Next to Zurich train station. Note: This is not the city bus station. This is exclusively for long distance buses and is next to Zurich Hbf (Zurich main train station)