Swiss + Black Forest

Thanks to Bollywood and all our Indian woods, we love Swiss scenes and want to go there at least once! Swiss landscape is lovely filled with greenery at the base while the mountains are still covered with snow! Add Rhine Falls and Black Forest to the itinerary – and it is a perfect bargain! Do join in and let us have a fun filled Indian excursion in a tourist bus.


Package: Transport and sightseeing + accommodation with breakfast + tour leader
Additional options: Indian food, boat rides, cable cars, mild trek, Jungfrau
Mode of transport: Luxury bus with pushback seats.
Tour Start/End: Usually starts Thursday morning and ends Monday morning. Long weekends may be different. For exact ‘Tour Start Dates’ please click the dropdown … :

Plan / Itinerary:

  • Day 1, ( ):
    • – pick-up from Den Haag Centraal (Princessegracht 4, Den Haag)
    • – pick-up from Schiphol airport (route 300 city bus stop)
    • – pick-up from Amstelveen (outside bus station, near Cobra museum)
    • – pickup at Eindhoven (opp Flixbus stop; passport will be checked before leaving)
    • – pickup at Dusseldorf Hbf, Germany (Flixbus stop)
    • – pickup at Frankfurt Airport (P36 bus parking)
    • Drive thru Black Forest with a stop at Mummelsee.
    • After dinner, check-in to hotel (Hotel Concord, Donaueshingen or similar)
    • Additional paid options for Day 1: Indian breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Day 2, ():
    • check-out from the hotel and depart to Swiss. Enter Swiss, visit Rhinefalls, Zurich (short stop), scenic drive to Lucerne and depending on the season visit either Mt Rigi or Mt Stanserhorn.
    • After dinner check-in to the hotel. (Holiday Inn Express, Luzern or similar)
    • Additional paid options: boat ride at Rhinefalls, either train+cablecar to Mt Stanserhorn OR train to Mt Rigi, Indian dinner.
  • Day 3, ():
    • Scenic drive to Interlaken. If you want to plan for Jungfrau on your own, we will drop/pick you at the train station. If not, our tour leader will guide you thru the possibilities for boating, shopping, drive to Grindelwald and either trek at Aare Gorge OR cable car to Murren a vehicle free village in the Alps.
    • After dinner, back to the same hotel as previous day.
    • Additional paid options: boat ride in Interlaken lake, paragliding, trek at Aare Gorge OR cable car to Murren, Indian lunch, dinner.
  • Day 4, ():
    • morning: We go to Engelberg. From there you have the option to go to Mt Titlis by cable car.
    • evening: visit Lucerne town.
    • At 18:15 depart to Netherlands. Dinner stop will be on the way.
    • Additional paid options: cable car to Mount Titlis, Indian lunch, dinner.
  • Day 5, ():
    • 0:10AM – Arrival, Frankfurt Airport
    • 4:00AM – Arrival, Dusseldorf
    • 6:00AM – Arrival, Eindhoven
    • 7:10AM – Arrival, Breukelen train station
    • 7:30AM – Arrival, Amstelveen
    • 8:00AM – Arrival, Schiphol
    • 8:30AM – Arrival Den Haag (if the arrival time is too late for you, you have an option to take a train from Eindhoven to reach earlier (@own cost))

Costs & Terms

Pricing based on 2 adults occupancy per room*:

….For each… individual cost
Adult (13yrs+) € 415
Next generation (6yrs to 12.9yrs)1 2 € 299
Kids (3 to 5.9yrs)1 2 3 € 199
Infants (0 to 2.9yrs)1 2 3 € 125
1 – maximum 1 child per adult (additional children can pay adult fare and join in); 2 – Rate when accompanied by an adult; 3 – when sharing parents bed in a double/twin room
*For single person traveling, see FAQ points 9 and 10.

Additional options:

You can opt for below options during the tour. Once you have confirmed your seats, Skanda Travels will communicate with you separately to know your options.

Breakfast* €6Lunch* €9Dinner* €13
Rhinefall boat €7Stanserhorn €54Dinner €22
Aaregorge €9InterlakenBoating €15Lunch €22Paragliding* €160Dinner €22
Mt Titlis €74Lunch €22Dinner* €16

Total cost per adult:

* = if you choose to order this item for your child, cost is same as adult.

Booking Procedure:

  • Step 1 – book the base package (transport + sightseeing + accommodation with breakfast).
  • Step 2 – 7 days before the tour, we will coordinate with you for the additional options and also send detailed pickup point information
  • Note: Make sure you have valid passport and Visa/RP until the date you are back from the tour.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The rates are based on 2 persons (+ their kids) per hotel room basis. If you want single rooms or wish more than 2 beds/occupancy, please contact Kids above 6yrs get an extra (sofa)bed.
  2. Cancellation (cut off time is midnight CET):
    • Till 4 weeks before the tour: cancellation charges of 15€ per request
    • Till 2 weeks before the tour: 50% of the cost will be refunded
    • Till 1 week before the tour : 25% of the cost will be refunded
    • Within 7 days from tour start date: refund is not possible
  3. Seat confirmation is subject to availability of seats. Confirmation will normally be done within 24 hrs. If not done in 24 hours, please send an email to or call/Whatsapp Skanda Travels at (0031) 655 456 091.
  4. When you are particular about seating position in the bus (front/middle etc), it is possible to make confirmed booking by paying a premium of 25€ per seat. Else seating is usually done in the booking confirmation order with minor deviations where required.
  5. When you are a group of 3 people, all seats may not be possible in a single row in the 2+2 seats bus.
  6. Skanda Travels will not be responsible for accidents/medical treatments. It is recommended to have your own travel insurance.


  1. What are the other costs I need to keep in mind?
    • Ans: The following are the optional costs per adult depending on what you want to do: Rhine falls boat ride – CHF 10, Mt Titlis – CHF 76, Mt Stanserhorn – CHF 56, Interlaken boating – CHF 13, paragliding – CHF 175, Mt Jungfrau – CHF 200, Aare gorge – CHF 8.5. Children 6yrs to 12yrs is usually half price and children under that is free. For food you can consider about €150 per adult. Anyone who has been to Swiss will say it is a must go place but also expensive! Even public transport is so expensive! Approximate you can consider 1 CHF = 1 EUR.
  2. Are the tickets to the attractions reserved ahead or do we need to buy on arrival?
    • Ans: Skanda Travels will reserve the tickets in advance for the group and make necessary arrangements so that you do not have to wait in line for the tickets. Once your seats reservation is complete, Skanda Travels will communicate with you on how this will be arranged.
  3. Are food arrangements also made?
    • Ans: Yes. Breakfast (continental) at the hotel is already included it the price. For lunch there will be a break and the tour leader will brief you the options where you can help yourself. Indian dinner will be arranged on most days and you can opt for it. If you do not want to opt for it, you will have other options nearby. Once your seats reservation is complete, Skanda Travels will communicate with you on how this will be arranged.
  4. Is there possibility for vegetarian food in this trip?
    • Ans: Yes. Throughout the tour you have possibility for veg food (Indian in most places). Usually about 50% of the travelers are vegetarians!
  5. I want to send my parents only. Will there be someone to guide them?
    • Ans: The tour leader will accompany the group to all attractions in the tour itinerary. As long as they are physically fit for mild walks to attractions, it is not a problem. Almost every tour will have 15 to 20 elder parents!
  6. Will my child also get a seat in the bus?
    • Ans: Yes. It is also a legal requirement that every person irrespective of age gets a seat.
  7. Will I get to see snow in this tour?
    • Ans: Mt Titlis will have snow 365 days of the year!
  8. What is the clothing needed?
    • Ans: up the Mt Titlis, it could be cold even in summer especially if it is windy. It is better to carry winter jacket and wear it if needed (but no special boots etc needed). For other places, it is better to check the weather a day before start of tour and wear accordingly.
  9. I’m coming alone. Will I have to share my hotel room with another person?
    • Ans: You have an option either ways. If you do not want to share you need to mention upfront in the email and it will cost €150 extra.
  10. I’m alone. I don’t mind a same gender roommate, but not otherwise.
    • Ans: Pls mention this in your email and we will make sure you are either alone or with same gender roommate. You need not pay the extra €150.
  11. We are a group of 3 friends. Is it possible that we share the same room with an extra bed in the room?
    • Ans: This depends on availability of triple rooms. Mention this at the time of reservation by email to so that arrangements can be checked. Please note that the extra bed may not be comfortable for an adult and so this arrangement is not recommended by Skanda Travels.
  12. Do the hotel rooms have a kitchen?
    • Ans: No. These are regular hotel rooms without kitchen. We arrive at the hotel late in the evening after dinner.
  13. What are the departure points?
    • Ans: Near the bus/train station.
  14. What is the group like?
    • Ans: It is expected to be a largely Indians – singles, couples, families and elder parents.
  15. Can I bring along a non-Indian?
    • Ans: You may, but please do set their expectation that the crowd is primarily Indian – the languages, movies, chit chatting could all be in a different language than they can understand!
  16. The return night journey seems long?
    • Ans: True. However the benefits overweigh the discomfort. If not for this night journey, folks would need to take an extra day off just to be pretty much sitting in the bus on the return + pay extra for the night accommodation. Feedback from the folks from the previous trips has been that it was quite comfortable. We think the net inconvenience from amongst the group is for the working folks who might need to take some time off in the morning.
  17. Will I need to buy Swiss Pass?
    • Ans: No! Swiss Pass (costs CHF 210 per person) is required when you are travelling by yourself using Swiss public transport. In this tour, our tour bus takes us to attraction places. The transport to the places mentioned in the itinerary is already included in the pricing.



Step 1: Fill the form below and click ‘Send (to button.

Step 2: Within couple of minutes you will get seats availability/unavailability email. Upon confirmation of seat availability, transfer the amount to the account of Skanda Travels B.V – IBAN number: NL23 ABNA 0572 7560 46 (ABN AMRO), BIC – ABNANL2A to confirm your booking (if seats are unavailable at the moment, we will check back with you if availability comes up).

Step 3: After payment, send a mail to Your seat is now reserved.

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